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Bills from the people
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Prime Sponsored by Jeni Arndt

The Farm Stand Bill -
This bill allows for farm stands to operate on principal use sites of any sized land area regardless of whether the site has been zoned by a local government for agricultural operations. This benefits the agricultural community as well as the consumer by providing an alternative method for agricultural producers to sell their products while supplying quality agricultural products at reasonable prices. The direct marketing of agricultural products benefits the agriculture industry by bringing producers of agricultural goods face-to-face with consumers.

Augmentation Of Instream Flows Act -This act authorizes the Colorado water conservation board to augment stream flows to preserve or improve the natural environment to a reasonable degree by the use of an acquired water right that has been previously quantified and changed to include any augmentation use, without a further change of the water right being required.

School Psych Bill -
This bill grants parity for Fort Collins school psychologists with the NCSP credential to receive the equivalent stipends that teachers, principals, and counselors are eligible for with their national board certifications.

Water/Land Master Plan Bill -
This bill requires that if a local government’s comprehensive plan includes a water supply element, it must also include conservation policies so that communities can make sure that when they are planning for the future, they consider water.

Reimburse Expenses Restorative Justice Council Bill -
Concerns allowing reimbursement for expenses for members of the restorative justice coordinating council.

Additional Prominent Bills 
Prime Sponsored by Jeni Arndt

HB19-1205: Reimburse Expenses Restorative Justice Council

Under current law, members of the restorative justice coordinating council may not be reimbursed for expenses. The act allows reimbursement of expenses.

SB18-108: Eligibility Colorado Road and Community Safety Ace

Under preexisting law, a person who is not lawfully present in the United States may obtain a driver's license or identification card if, among other requirements, the person presents a taxpayer identification card.

This act allows a person to present a social security number as an alternative to a taxpayer identification card; the license or identification card to be reissued or renewed in accordance with the process used for other licenses and identification cards; a person whose license is lost or stolen to obtain a replacement without renewing the license.

Jeni's work on Environmental Legislation

Prime Sponsored Legislation

HB20-1037 Augmentation of Instream Flows
HB17-1008 Graywater Regulation Exemption for Scientific Research
HB17-1008 Agriculture Water Protection Act (The Flex bill that Randy Fischer started.)
HB17-1076 Aquifer Storage and Recovery Bill
HB17-1233 Protect Water Historical Consumptive Use Analysis
HB17-1219 Extend Colorado Water Conservation Board Fallowing And Leasing Pilot Program
HB19-1200 Reclaimed Domestic Wastewater Point Of Compliance
SB18-187 Marijuana Waste Recycling
HB17-1364 Authority Local Government Master Plan Include Water Plan Goal
HB20-1037 Augmentation Of Instream Flows
SB18-245 Allow Natural Occurring Radioactive Material Rules
HB19-1015 Recreation Of The Colorado Water Institute
HB20-1095 Local Governments Water Elements In Master Plans
SB17-100 Land Stewardship Volunteer Grantee Immunity
HB18-1093 Reclaimed Water Use For Edible Crops
SB18-038 Reclaimed Water Use On Industrial Hemp
HB18-1069 Reclaimed Water Use For Toilet Flushing— She received a National Award from the WaterReUse Association for this package of bills

Co-sponsored Legislation

SB18-038 Reclaimed Water Use on Industrial Hemp
SB16-021 Recognition Of Public Lands Day
SB20-048 Study Strengthening Water Anti-speculation Law
HB18-1199 Aquifer Storage-and-recovery Plans
HB20-1265 Increase Public Protection Air Toxics Emissions
HB16-1286 Increase Wildfire Mitigation Income Tax Deduction
HB19-1050 Encourage Use Of Xeriscape In Common Areas
HB16-1088 Fire Protection District Impact Fee On New Development

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