Testimonials of Jeni

I wholeheartedly support Jeni Arndt for Mayor of Fort Collins. I’ve known and worked with Jeni for many years — she has earned respect across the state of Colorado and across the aisle for her public policy work on protecting our water, agriculture and more. And now, it’s time for her to bring her experience and bipartisan approach to the role of Mayor!"

Representative Joe Neguse
- U.S. Congressman,
Colorado's 2nd District

Jeni is a treasure across the whole state. She is an extraordinary asset to Fort Collins and the whole state."

Phil Weiser
- Colorado Attorney General

Jeni Arndt has been a wonderful ally to local farmers and has been willing to stand up for us at a local and state level. Jeni is responsive, willing to have tough conversations, and is our choice for Mayor. With her experience representing our community at the state level we have no doubt that she is the right person to lead, listen to constituents, and make laws that are right for Fort Collins."

Ben Pfeffer & Carolyn Fitzgerald
- Raisin' Roots Farm

It is not often that a person with Jeni's expertise, integrity, and character steps up to run for public office. I am proud to support my friend, Jeni Arndt for Mayor. She will work hard for all residents to ensure that Fort Collins meets and responds to the challenges ahead, and remains a great place to live."

Betsy Markey
-Fmr. U.S. Congresswoman, Colorado's 4th District

Jeni Arndt has been a great leader and partner at the state level. I look forward to working with her on the municipal level for the benefit of Larimer County. Jeni will bring her diverse expertise on water and watershed issues to benefit our communities as we recover from the events of 2020. I endorse Jeni Arndt for Mayor of Fort Collins."

Jody Shadduck-McNally
- Larimer County
Commissioner, District 3

I am thrilled Jeni Arndt is running for Mayor of Fort Collins. Jeni brings with her years of experience in the Colorado House of Representatives and her continued commitment to serving our community to our beautiful city. I hope you will join me in supporting Jeni Arndt as our next Mayor of Fort Collins."

Cathy Kipp
- State Representative,
House District 52

She knows how to be proactive and take her vision and actually put it into action. She can take the city to the next level because knows how to take a vision and lead.

Shannon Bird

- State Representative,
House District 35

Working for Jeni restored my faith in government. She is caring and passionate beyond all else. Her commitment to the public good, collaboration, and her community inspires me on a daily basis to be a better person and a better public servant."

Trenten Robinson, MA
- Former Legislative Aide for Jeni Arndt, CO HD 53

Jeni Arndt is known statewide as a thoughtful, practical leader who gets things done. Here in Fort Collins we know her as a friend and a responsive, caring representative. Our community is struggling, and we need a mayor who can help our community recover and thrive. I know that Jeni will roll up her sleeves and get to work for all of us. I enthusiastically endorse Jeni Arndt for Mayor of Fort Collins."

Kristin Stephens
- Larimer County Commissioner, District 2

I am happy to have a person like you as Mayor because you will preserve the character of Fort Collins rather than letting investors, developers, and real estate agents decide the future of Fort Collins. You understand the need for a clean environment and safe streets, and will promote the use of bicycles, walking, and public transportation over the use of cars. You appreciate how precious water is and will work to ensure good use of the water that we have. Finally, you understand the need to use alternatives to a punitive approach to wrongdoing, such as the work I do with restorative justice, particularly by decriminalizing our schools."

Tom Cavanagh
- Program Director at Restorative Justice Education

Jeni listened to me when I was afraid my job would be compromised as a result of the net neutrality repeal, and even though big tech isn't her strong suit she helped get protections in place in our state. I proudly tell friends about this when they lose hope in government. She's truly someone special."

Allen Edwards
- Fort Collins Citizen

Who is endorsing Jeni Arndt...

Public figures and officials

Joe Neguse
U.S. Representative (HD2) 

Betsy Markey
Former U.S. Representative (HD4)

Phil Weiser
Colorado Attorney General

Dave Young
Colorado State Treasurer

Cathy Kipp
Colorado House Representative (HD52)

Larimer County Commissioner 

Kristin Stephens
Larimer County Commissioner

Bob Bacon & Bev Schmitt
Former Colorado Senator (SD14) 

Peggy Reeves
Former Colorado Senator (SD14)

Rhonda Fields
Colorado Senator (SD29)

Sonya Jaquez Lewis
Colorado Senator (SD17)

Dominick Moreno
Colorado Senator

Shannon Bird
Colorado House Representative (HD35)

Yadira Caraveo
Colorado House Representative

Lisa Cutter
Colorado House Representative (HD25)

Monica Duran
Colorado House Representative (HD24)

Randy Fischer
Former Colorado House Representative (HD53) 

Meg Froelich
Colorado House Representative (HD3)  

Leslie Herod
Colorado House Representative (HD8)

Edie Hooton
Colorado House Representative (HD10)   

Barbara McLachlan
Colorado House Representative (HD59)

Michaelson Jenet
Colorado House Representative (HD30)
Susan Kirkpatrick Former Mayor of Fort Collins

Julie Piganataro
City Council Member

Lisa Poppaw Former City Council Member

Melanie Potyondy
City Council Member

Christophe Febvre Poudre School District Board President
DJ Anderson
Poudre School District Board Member

Nate Donovan
Poudre School District Board Member

Kristen Draper
Poudre School District Board Member

Naomi Johnson
Poudre School District Board Member
Nancy Tellez
Former Poudre School District Board Member

CSU Democrats
A Student Organization

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Citizens and Volunteers

Melissa Abrams

Emily Allen

Clint Andrews

Abby Arndt

Channing Arndt

Henry Arndt

Mason Arndt

Tiffany Ayraud

Sam Baca

Mishelle Baun

Charla Belinski

Annie Bierbower

Bernard Birnbaum

Sally Boccella

Andrew Boesenecker

Nate Budd

Christy Bush

Tricia Canonico

Mary Carraher

John Bartholow

Lori Cauthorn

Tom Cavanagh

John Cawley

Susan Charles

Carol Cochran

Maryann & Ron Colarusso 

Paul Cooper

Lauren DeYoung

Wendy DeYoung

Kathy Dickson

Kim Dickson

Maggie Di Rito

Susan Dominica

Scott Donnel

Tricia Downey

Lisa Eaton

Allen Edwards

Megan Eleazer

Rachel Feldman

John Gascoyne

Christine Gastelle

Kay Gillespie

Nancy Grove

John Hagin

Mark Hanson

Dianne Harper

Mims Harris

Jill Harrison

CarolAnn Hixon

Gary Hixon

Amy Hoeven

Saul Hopper

Ted Huston

James Iacino

Libby James

Barbara Johnson

Douglas Johnson

Joann Johnson

Lynda Johnson

Tim Johnson

Sara King

Barb Kistler

Julianna Kobs

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Citizens and Volunteers Cont.

JJ Levy

Veronica Lim

Dylan Lindsey

Laura MacWaters

Ben Manvel

Caz Margenau

Sue McFaddin

Gray McGinnis

Randy Morgan

Luanne Mullen

Stacey Newton

Nancy Osbahr

Amy Parker

Ana Pasini

Kevin Pass

William Pass

Cassie Poncelow

Lauren Prause

Rosemary Rader

Tom Ragouzis

Tracey Ragouzis

Ali Raza

Nathan Reimer

Trenten Robinson

Kyle Schinkel

Paul Schnaitter

Jeffrey Schneider

Bryan Sitinjak

Erin Sitinjak

MaryLou Smith

Patti Smith

Shelby Sommer

Dian Sparling

Michael Spearnak

Bonnie Stegner

John Stegner

Mark Sundstedt

Wayne Sundberg

Christine Sykes

Bill Timpson

Ross Thompson

Sue Thompson

Tom Tonoli

Melanie Ulle

Brandon Valdez

Cindy Valdez

Warren Vann

Alma Vigo-Morales

Robert Viscount

Jane Viste

Margie Wagner

Jordan Williams

Katie Watkins

Gary Wockner

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