Jeni Arndt is running for Mayor of Fort Collins!

My vision for FoCo is to foster city government that is inclusive, responsive, collaborative, smart, nimble, resilient, inquisitive, innovative and family-friendly—-just like the people who live here!

Why Is Jeni Arndt Running for Mayor?

Jeni speaks about who she is, and what has inspired her to run for Mayor of Fort Collins.

Watch this and many other videos about where she stands on the issues affecting many Fort Collins citizens...

Announcement of Candidacy

Here in Fort Collins we have an opportunity ahead of us as we emerge from a challenging, stressful and dark time. Although our social and political worlds are fractured - facing stress tests not seen in decades - we also see signs of new beginnings and opportunities. Like those small green shoots growing after a wildfire, new options for change and innovation are emerging – some we could barely envision before 2020 and the challenges we’ve seen. Our opportunity is now, and I am committed to our shared renewal. It’s time to rethink and rebuild - time to create a city of people even stronger and more resilient, kind, flexible, thoughtful and deliberate in choosing where we are headed next. If we haven’t met already, some background: My parents moved to Fort Collins in 1964, three weeks after I was born. They came here to be innovators, creators and entrepreneurs in a city where creative innovation and optimistic risk-taking is in our blood. Like each of us, I am a product of my family and of our community. In my work overseas as a teacher in the Peace Corps and a school administrator, and in our Colorado legislature as the State Representative for Fort Collins’ House District 53, I have seen the value of respecting and listening to people from all perspectives; I have seen the strength we gain by working across our differences to find common ground for progress. Representing Fort Collins at the Capitol has been a privilege. Now it’s time to bring that experience home to serve our city locally. My vision for Fort Collins is to foster a city government that is inclusive, listens and is responsive, and is collaborative, smart, nimble, resilient, connected, inquisitive, innovative and family friendly – just like the people who live here. Great cities are made up of great people coming together to govern themselves. I will earn your trust as a mayor who brings people together to get things done.

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